Industry Sectors

As a family run CNC subcontractor in milling and turning we have served many different sectors including: Watchmaking, motor sport, mobile phones,  scientific instrumentation, retail, mens fashion accessories for the export market.

Quality is always key where components are continuously checked throughout production. We are used to working in time conscious environments where deadlines must be met.

  • Watchmaking

    Watch cases, dialfaces and crowns are highly complex components that require a high level of skill. Each part will have multiple operations with tight tolerances which require well thought out fixtures and machine tool selection to achieve small M2 thread milled holes, 10 microns flatness on 1mm dialfaces, micro drilled holes etc.
    This is achieved in materials such as titanium and stainless steel 316L. We can collaborate and discuss during the prototype phase to achieve the desired design features.

  • Formula 1 and Motorsport

    Since 1982 we have worked in the Formula 1 and motor racing sector producing engine and chassis components for some of the most well known championship winning teams. Over the years we have produced thousands of different components all to the high quality standards required.

  • Mobile Phones & Retail

    The mobile phone and retail sector is an interesting sector where delivery dates are always critical and orders can be in large volumes. We advise when requested on certain design modifications or material selection. This is to speed up the production process and lower the cost without altering the overall function of the component.